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Wi-Fi Security Camera - AI Chipset - Black

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  • Switchable Night Vision Function: The camera's infrared can be turned on and off with the Amcrest Home app.
  • SD card and cloud storage: This Wi-Fi camera supports two storage methods. SD card storage supports up to 64GB micro SD cards. (Format SD card before use). Cloud storage avoids the risk of losing video from an SD card. 
  • Sound Detection: When the wifi camera detects your baby's sound, it will send an alert notification via the Amcrest Home app.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Erik G.
Good Multi Purpose WiFi Camera

If you're looking for a great "multipurpose" WiFi camera this is it. We looked at various "Baby Monitor" cameras and came up empty with high price tags and nobody too thrilled about it. To see that this one had a built-in functionality that combines with an app for existing smart phones intrigued us. It's now our primary baby cam and has some great notifications if the baby starts to stir. Night vision and picture is much better than any of the Baby Monitors we checked out on and tbh you can't beat the price. In a few years planning on repurposing this as a monitor camera for our front porch area (indoor), this is actually where I tested it initially. It worked quite well. Easy to setup, app works good, it has some concern/options for your privacy, so that made me feel better.Pro-Tip: If you get the EERO you can setup your IOT to a restricted network to where it's not able to mess with your other equipment such as a private laptop. If you don't have EERO you should look into having a separate router handle your IOT stuff, to insure privacy across the board.

The future is here!

Wow, this camera is one of a kind. I have owned and installed many cameras. I am in the IT field so some of my clients request surveillance system setups. Amcrest makes installation really easy. You do not need to be a professional. Simple as downloading the app and scanning the QR Code. Settings are straight forward. Video quality is great. The AI in this camera is great. No need to install multiple cameras in one room. It follows you in the room. The alerts will also tell you if a detected a human so you don't get false alerts. I will definitely continue buying Amcrest cameras.

Eric Pannesco
Best Camera for the money

Let’s start with the unboxing experience, and written specifications part of the review. The unboxing like always from amcrest is always the best part, the packaging amazes me every time! Installation was a breeze, just download the Android or iOS app, followed the directions, to program it was so simple. Tip: the SD card installs under the lens, move the camera with the pan/tilt up for access just make sure it’s formatted (use a computer) to FAT32 first.Camera Quality: This one displays a 1080P clear picture at 93 degrees viewing which is really amazing!Pan/Tilt: This function is good; it will rotate a few degrees shy of 360 which is ok because the way I see it, it’s intended to keep an eye on your children sleeping.As we mentioned above the app setup is very easy and most people will have no issue. I did test both ethernet & Wi-Fi separately. Video quality is very good but the camera defaults to Standard definition (SD) not High Definition (HD) after installing the software please update the firmware. There are settings to adjust the resolution, frame rate and bit rate and that’s a plus. AI detection from my test worked well and is a neat feature to have. IR functionality is very clear at night time with a good distance.Baby Mode: Once switched on, there are 2 sliders that adjust the level of low and high audio detection within the space. Adjusted from 0 -100 on the display. You will see the levels of live audio in the space across the screen over time. Its similar an ECG heart monitor display. Slide the bar to the minimum threshold (grey bar) or baseline audio. Anything below it is what is considered quiet or no trigger of sound. The other slider bar (red) is where you set the trigger levels. Once the sound increases to the Red level, it will trigger the alert. Alternatively, you can set the switches above to Always, Auto, or Off. The slider description above would be used with the Auto setting. Always will keep the room audio live at all times. Off is off, no audio. This is where I ran into problems. The speaker on the camera is crisp and pretty clear, but there is about 1.5 second delay from when you talk to when it broadcasts. If you turn on both talk and listen together, the delay increases to about 3 seconds. Both Audio and Speaker have a volume adjustment for camera output.Adding a second or third user to the account is a nice thought. I tried this with a Wi-Fi only connected phone dedicated to be used as a baby monitoring only. I loaded the app, launched live view, set it to baby, and tweaked the sound levels. If you don’t add additional users then you can only login to one device at a time.So, in the end, my overall experience was good, and my intentions were to use this as a baby monitor. It’s actually better than my $200 Motorola baby monitor.If I was to give separate ratings of 1 to 5Installation: 5Video: 5Alert Notifications: 5Pan/Tilt: 4Audio: 4 (receiving sound) slower than expectedAudio: 4 (transmitting sound) slower than expectedBaby: 4 use as baby monitor)Overall: 4.5

Compact WiFi Camera - Perfect for in-home security

This product exceeded my expectations. I had not heard of this brand before and was a little skeptical to expect too much from a rather inexpensive home camera with features of motion detection, tilt/turn ability, night vision, an HD option, microphone, recording option, and the ability to set an area within view that the camera should monitor specifically.Pros:The product is the perfect size for hiding it among other items on a shelf and comes with an AC plug in cord that is at least 5 feet so you're not restricted by how far from an outlet the device can be. The setup (location placement and mobile app) and connecting to WiFi was relatively simple and the product instructions were helpful.I like the app because all of the features (record, tilt/turn, microphone, night vision, etc.) all on one screen with the video feed so it's easy to access and turn a feature on or off. I am able to personalize when the camera sends alerts and what type of alerts are sent (image captures, what type of motion to detect, etc.).Con:The video stream comes on at a lower quality each time the app is opened and requires having to select the HD option to improve the quality. The camera's lens tilts down but not too much so if the camera is on a shelf, then items within 2-3 feet of the shelf will not be captured. Another downside with the tilt/rotate function is that the responsiveness between you tapping the up and down and side-to-side arrows in the app and the app and camera lens reaction is a little delayed. Sometimes I have had to press the arrows repeatedly.Overall, I like this product very much and will be using it to monitor my home and to check in on my dog during the day while I am at work. I really like the option to have the auto-image captures sent when motion is detected.

A great In-Home Camera for the value

Like anyone, I’m often skeptical when purchasing a smart home device. I have many devices but haven’t gone the camera route yet.Fortunately I was having contractors in my home for a home renovation. This camera came in handy! I wasn’t home one day and was able to monitor the contractors and unfortunately the results weren’t good. I heard them critiquing my house, questioning if I was a “flamboyant homo”, I heard them hit a wall with glass and even heard them snooping in my cupboards and rooms! After a quick call to the manager of the job, those guys were fired from the company. I wouldn’t have gotten to keep such an eye on my house without this camera!On the downside, in the middle of the night I got a notification of motion detection. I popped into live view and couldn’t find anything. 45min later I talked myself into going back to sleep! The A/C must have moved a curtain. That’s the price you pay for security though. Ha!The pros:Easiest setup ever!Amazing video qualityLoved the wideness of the camera angle360 degree rotationThe ability to setup Ethernet or WiFi is a great small feature.ConsSmart tracking is the most useful feature and can’t be a little slowIf someone walks too close in front of the camera, human detection won’t always work. This is fixed by placing the camera in a better location.