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Hydroponics Growing Kit - 80 LED Lights

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    • The Newest Hydroponics Growing System: The 36-Watt LED lights of the hydroponic system simulate the sunlight spectrum, offering 16-hours full light lighting. The Indoor Herb Garden Kit can be used in the kitchen, bedroom, or office.
    • 80 LED Beads Grow Light: The 36-Watt LED lights of the hydroponics growing system simulate the sunlight spectrum, offering 16-hours of full light lighting. The kit can be used in the kitchen, bedroom, or office.
    • Smart Auto On-off Working Model: 2 Smart Modes of hydroponics growing system for different growth stages vegetable mode and flower mode. It works for 16-hours then enters sleeping mode for 8-hours. Once pressing the pump button, enter into 30-minutes on-off cycle.
    • Height-Adjustable: The height of the lighting part of the Indoor Herb Garden Kit can be adjusted for veggies or flowers at different growth stages, helping veggies flowers absorb energy from LED lights and promoting growth. With Hydroponics Growing System, you can simultaneously grow as many as 12 plants up to 14.57 inches with the 12 included pods.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Emilly Wu
    Nice to Grow Herbs

    Easy to set up hydroponic system. I've been wanting to grow some fresh herbs at home and finally decided to pull the plug with this system. It was easy to set up, took about 15 min plus some time to soak the seeds. The instructions were fairly clear. My cute little seeds have sprouted after a week. The basil, dill, chives, oregano, and thyme are growing nicely.The machine runs on a cycle, turning on for 16 hours and turning off for 8 hours. The pump runs on a 30 min cycle on and off. The water reservoir holds 3L of water and I haven't had to add any yet as the seedlings don't drink that much water currently.

    Good intro to hydroponics

    Used this for about a week and it works as expected. It holds about 3L of water, which is enough to cover the planting medium. It comes with basic fertilizers as well. The light extends up pretty high, like 3” tall.I do wish that they spaced the planters a bit more and made them larger, right now they’re only a couple inches apart and roughly 1” wide. All things considered this is a good intro to hydroponics.I would suggest sprouting seeds in some rock wool later on and transfer them when they start sprouting and grow roots.

    Works Great

    We received this on April 27th, planted it and enjoyed our first in a lifetime homegrown salad last night.It works as expected and is simple to operate. I knocked off a star because the company does not yet have any replacement sponges to fit it and they are not the standard size.I also bought one for my Sis, who also loves it. I was so impressed at the speed of which the plants grow that I bought a second one for myself, although not the same brand, but one that is larger, yet has the same number of sponges, allowing inches of more space to the growing plants.It's also a great night light, super quiet and very attractive.I have changed my rating from a 5 star to a 1 star due to the fact that there are no refill sponges. This product is like selling a car with no gas tank! If & when the sponges do become available, I will change my rating. One thing I do know for is that I am really tired of being ripped off with online purchases! As promised, the 5 star rating is back. New sponges are in and soon the fresh salad will be back!

    Darling Nikki
    Great for beginners

    I bought this for my son who wanted to start a herb garden. I don't know anything about gardening, but especially not hydroponics. This was so easy to use that it's almost impossible to mess up. It contains everything you need to get started besides seeds. It comes with the little "dirt" pods that you put the seeds in and the vitamins that go in the water. Once you set it the first time, the light automatically turns on and off for the perfect amount of time for your seedlings. You do need to replenish the water from time to time, but otherwise it doesn't require any kind of care. It also grows much faster than plants grown in soil. This was a big plus for us because he could see his seeds sprout within days rather than waiting weeks for something to happen in an outdoor garden. It's a little pricey compared to just tossing a few seeds outside and hoping for the best, but it's worth every penny.

    Has lots of space for man different pods

    I got this as a gift for my MIL as she doesn’t have a lot of space in the backyard for gardening. She really loves and and we are seeing growth already. I also loved the amount of space there was for many different pods. It also comes with this little water level checker which is great!