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White Noise Machine - Stuffed Teddy Bear

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    • Smart Cry Sensor Function: Sleep soother can detect baby's crying, music and light will play automatically when baby crying, helps to calm the baby down and create a sleepy environment.
    • 18 Soothing Sounds: The baby soother teddy has 18-soothing sounds, including 13-Lullabies, 2-white noise, heartbeat, and a Shush Sound.
    • Star Projector Night Light: Covering the attached blanket over the teddys tummy makes it a soft night light. Provide a dreamlike atmosphere for sleeping.
    • Hand Washable/Auto-Off timer-/Adjustable Volume: Remove the soundbox to easily clean when it gets dirty; Set the baby soother to turn off sound and/or light in 15, 30, 60-minutes to avoid waking your baby while turning it back off. An adjustable volume level allows you to choose the one that works for your baby.

    Customer Reviews

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    Breezy Andrews
    Amazing purchase

    I bought this for my 4 month old daughter so she could have lullabies and white noise to comfort her while she sleeps. I love the music and sounds that come on this! It is so relaxing ! I sometimes listen to this when I want to take a nap. The sound machine comes out of the doll so that you can machine wash the doll and charge the music box. The box also shoots stars and moons on the ceiling in the dark which makes an awesome night light! I also take the sound box out and use it on the go for when she's sleeping in her infant seat in the store, or in the cupholder of her stroller. The product comes with its own charger. The toy itself is so soft and nice for my little one to cuddle with!I would recommend this to anybody looking for a similar product!

    Prime Cat
    A Must Have for Baby!

    If you're looking for a great sound machine for baby, I highly recommend this one. The sounds are beautiful, clear, loud (when need it to be), and the device is housed in a large, soft elephant doll and can be removed from the tummy when the baby is old enough to cuddle and play with stuffed toys. This sound machine makes a great display and comes with a small elephant security blanket. I got this for my baby's room and find that all the functions are great, especially the "cry" setting which will turn on the machine when it detects my baby crying. The light functions were all all too similar but it does project a nice starry sky. It isn't as clear when it is farther from the wall but still makes a nice night light without being to bright. All in all, I'm completely happy with this sound machine and love that it is designed specifically for baby in mind.

    It really helped me solve a really big problem.

    After looking at it for a long time, I finally bought it. The goods arrived very quickly and I used it for two days.The baby listened to the music and slept soundly.It really helped me solve a really big problem.

    Best white noice machine

    Ever since I bought this white noise machine my baby has been sleeping trough the night without getting woken up by random noises and the teddy bear is so cute and soft

    The toys are very good. I like them better

    It took a while for the baby to evaluate. The toys are very good, and the baby likes to play. The objects are the same as those in the pictures. I like them very much. The customer service attitude is also very good,