What Makes the Difference Between Gaming Keyboard vs Regular Keyboard

What Makes the Difference Between Gaming Keyboard vs Regular Keyboard

I'm sure you've heard this before: gaming keyboard vs regular keyboard.

Before you rush out to buy a gaming keyboard, let's take a closer look at gaming keyboards and their benefits compared to "regular" keyboards.

Difference between gaming keyboard and regular keyboard

A gaming keyboard is specially designed for gaming purposes with anti-ghosting keys, programmable keys, backlighting, etc. With these additional features, gamers can perform more efficiently when they are gaming.

Key design

There are many differences between gaming keyboards and regular keyboards, so let's start by talking about the most significant difference - the design of a key itself!

The keycap of gaming keyboards is made in one piece rather than multiple pieces that need to be pressed together to be depressed. 

These types of keys are also made from polycarbonate. This feature allows gaming keyboards to register more key presses simultaneously, making the gaming experience far better and accurate!

Regular keyboards, however, use a very different type of mechanism on the inside, which is known as scissor switches.

The same principle applies to regular keyboards; once a keycap is pressed, it triggers a switch beneath the keyboard's surface, which completes a circuit and sends signals to your computer.

In gaming keyboards, though, things work slightly differently as they have not only scissor switches but mechanical switches too!

Mechanical gaming keyboards allow you to press down each key, giving you an extremely accurate response every time. In contrast, with non-mechanical gaming keyboards, you will have to press down on a whole row for it to register.

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There is one more gaming feature that I want to mention: the technology gaming keyboards use when anti-ghosting keys come into play. 

Anti-ghosting is an essential gaming feature simply because gaming is all about pushing buttons quickly and accurately so you can pull off fantastic gaming moves.

The point of anti-ghosting keys is to ensure your gaming setup has no flaws, which means maximum efficiency! Without anti-ghosting gaming, keyboards will not allow multiple key presses at once, which means if you are playing fast-paced games such as first-person shooters or action role-playing games, then this feature would be crucial.

Backlight feature

Another great way gaming keyboard manufacturers achieve increased performance levels is by providing gaming keyboards with backlighting features. 

This is entirely for gaming purposes and especially helpful in dark gaming environments where you can't always see your keys. For me, it's easier to press F5 than use my monitor, so I depend on backlighting for me not to make mistakes in-game!


Finally, gaming keyboards are made with different materials than regular keyboards. Regular keyboards are usually made from plastic, while gaming keyboards are often covered in rubber or metal, making them more durable when gaming at home or even when commuting with your gaming keyboard.

Difference between mechanical vs non-mechanical keyboards

The main differences between mechanical vs non-mechanical keyboards come down mainly to durability.

Rubber dome over membrane keyboards often only last around 1-2 million key presses (50% less than mechanical), while mechanical keyboards can last up to 70+ million key presses.

The longevity depends on which mechanical switch technology is applied to the board (e.g., Cherry MX mechanical keyboard vs Topre mechanical keyboard).

Mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse features

As mechanical keyboards have become more popular, mechanical gaming keyboards and mouse have become a desirable product.

Mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse features - Hotdeal Galaxy

A mechanical keyboard has two main mechanical parts, the switches, and the keycaps.

Mechanical gaming keyboard switches

Switches are typically made of metal springs that push down on keycaps when pressed, which then complete an electrical circuit to signal the computer that a key has been pressed.

You can find keyboards with different types of switch technologies applied to their mechanical keys. The most common modern-day switch technology is used in rubber dome over membrane keyboards.

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Mechanical keyboards are generally associated with Cherry MX switches - this gives them a significant advantage in gaming due to increased responsiveness, durability, tactility (no double typing), and accuracy over rubber dome over membrane equivalents.

Cherry mechanical switches are manufactured by Cherry Corp in Germany and are recommended for mechanical gaming keyboards. Other mechanical keyboard switch solutions include Topre, Alps Electric, and Gaote switches.


Keycaps can also be found made of different materials such as ABS plastic, PBT plastic (typically more expensive), and metal (the most expensive).

ABS keycaps often feel slippery or smooth to touch while PBT is rougher and typically considered the superior material for keycap manufacturing. Color choices vary within these same types of products - i.e., black vs white vs translucent, although sometimes diffuse legends are available on various color keycap options.

Metal keycaps are typically heavy-duty aluminum alloy or zinc alloy products that come in a variety of colors and often feature laser-etched legends.

In mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse , mechanical switches are mounted to a PCB (printed circuit board) which is used to carry current from the mechanical switch contacts to the input of a microcontroller.

The PCB typically serves as a support for LEDs, diodes, resistors. There is no extra housing or lens required on mechanical keyboards with backlighting like rubber dome over membrane solutions required. This makes mechanical boards much easier to produce than rubber dome over membrane boards - it also makes them lighter too!

Typically released in sets of ten keycaps, Cherry MX compatible keycaps are made of durable PBT plastic with UV coating for increased durability and resistance to shine (fading/wear).

Keycap sets are available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. ABS keycap sets are generally much less durable than PBT keycaps but typically feel smoother when touched.

Keycaps can be mounted on mechanical gaming keyboards using snap-in (snap-on) holders or threaded inserts for metal mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse and weight rings - the latter option is often used with high end aluminum mechanical keyboard products.

Mechanical keyboard bottom housing

Some mechanical keyboards feature replaceable bottom housings made of different materials such as aluminum or stainless steel which then make the entire board heavier (heavier model), while some mechanical keyboards feature removable plastic bottom housing (lighter models).

Some mechanical keyboards get rid of this plastic piece altogether and use a single stationary piece to provide support for mechanical switches and keycap mounting.

A mechanical gaming keyboard allows for a number of customizations with regard to the mechanical keys - most mechanical keyboards are compatible with Cherry MX keycaps, while some other mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse brands offer compatibility for Topre, Alps, and other mechanical switch manufacturers' products. Some other customizations include backlight color/effects (e.g., breathing, progressive illumination).


Additionally, mechanical keyboards produce a sound when keys are pressed ("key click"), while rubber domes over membrane keyboards do not (their sound is produced by the collapsing 'bubble' formed when pressing a key). Mechanical keyboards also tend to be heavier and more expensive than rubber dome over membrane boards.

Final words

It is not difficult to find the difference between a gaming keyboard and regular keyboard, especially after reviewing this article. Besides, you now have a solid idea about the mechanical and non-mechanical keyboards too.

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